Direct Proof: July 2012

Volume 1
  1. The Fritz - Cruiser
  2. Pascal Cavalier - Northeast House Party
  3. Been There Before - Ghost Beach
  4. Party at the Crib - Bei Maejor
  5. One O Six (A.N.D.Y. Remix) - Jupiter
  6. Mo Cities Mo Problems (Carlos Serrano Mix) - Notorious BIG
  7. Strange Attractor (Dzeko & Torres Remix) - Animal Kingdom
  8. Finale - Madeon
  9. Control Freak (Dillon Francis Remix) - Steve Aoki
  10. Moody Melody - Kasket Club
  11. The Edge - Yuksek
  12. Look At Where We Are (Major Lazer Remix) - Hot Chip
  13. Clockwork Horrors - Dracula Palms
  14. Ridin’ (Feat. Lana Del Rey) - A$AP Rocky
  15. Gettin Jiggy Wit It (Viceroy Remix) - Will Smith
  16. Paper & Plastic - Chiddy Bang
  17. Old Pine (Peking Duk Remix) - Ben Howard
  18. Heart of a Lion - The Griswolds
  19. Easy Bones (Inspired Flight Remix) - Tango In The Attic

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Volume 2

  1. Spectrum (3LAU Remix) - Zedd
  2. Teenage Crime - Adrian Lux
  3. Friends - Sneaky Sound System
  4. Sleep Alone - Two Door Cinema Club
  5. Red Light District - Midi Matilda
  6. Without Warning - The Pass
  7. All Too Real - Harts
  8. Close - Sun Airway
  9. Old School Caddy (Feat. Kid Cudi) - Hit-Boy
  10. Machine Gun Funk (Wood Mix) - The Notorious BIG
  11. Pop That - French Montana
  12. Fallen Love (Kill Paris Remix) - The Great Flood Catastrophe
  13. Changes (Shlomo Remix) - LOL Boys
  14. Can’t Hide It - Sir Michael Rocks
  15. Scream (Pierce Fulton Remix) - Usher
  16. Naive (Jean Tonique Remix) - The Kooks
  17. I Wish I Knew - Years and Years
  18. Barcelona - The Yes Way
  19. Marianne - California Wives
  20. Locked Out - Freelance Whales
  21. Good Life- Delphic
  22. Plague - Crystal Castles

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Direct Proof: June 2012

dp june 12


1. “Chase Us Around” - Viceroy

2. “Household Goods” - Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaur

3. “Let’s Go” - Matt and Kim

4. “Heaven” - The Walkmen

5. “Jamaica” - Van She

6. “Call Me On Broken Glass” - Annie Lennox / Carly Rae Jepsen

7. “I’ll Be Alright” - Passion Pit

8. “Anthem For Panic” - The History of Panic

9. “Glass House” - Post War Years

10. “Jamaica” - Theme Park

11. “Shadow” - Wild Nothing

12. “The Palace Garden, 4am” - Beat Connection

13. “Neptune” - Lemonade

14. “Nunca” - Trails and Ways

15. “Forever” - Haim

16. “California Feeling” - A B & The Sea

17. “Doused” - DIIV

18. “The House That Heaven Built” - Japandroids

19. “Motion Sickness” - Hot Chip

20. “With You” - Flight Facilities

21. “Oui Got It Wrong (Xaphoon Jones Bootleg)” - Madeon x St. Lucia

22. “The Keepers (The Knocks Remix)” - Santigold

23. “Holiday (RAC Remix)” - Body Language

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Nobody can get enough Ron Swanson (or the man who plays him, Nick Offerman). Watch the Parks and Rec star put on his stone-cold-Swanson poker face while he reads tweets from young female celebrities.

Climate Doesn’t Matter.

Palm Trees

A few months ago I was deciding between being a PhD student in economics at UCLA or the University of Michigan. Among many important factors, which included department rankings, funding, and potential dissertation advisors, climate was something that I often thought about. How great would it be to live Los Angeles, where I could enjoy an abundant supply of sunshine and finally escape the cold and dark winters of the east coast? At least in this category, UCLA strictly dominated Michigan. Ultimately, the other factors made my decision easy (Go Blue!), but it turns out that climate should have never been given the opportunity to influence my decision in the first place. Simply put, climate does not affect subjective well-being.

In "Does Living In California Make People Happy?" Daniel Kahneman and David Schkade analyzed survey data from students at major state universities in California, Ohio, and Michigan. The authors found that the students in the two regions differed greatly on their attitudes toward their climate: Californians loved theirs and the Midwesterners hated theirs. However, climate was not an important determinant of their well-being. Students in California were no more satisfied with their lives than their Midwestern counterparts.

So to future students who are in a similar position that I was in when deciding between UCLA and Michigan, don’t overweight the importance of climate on your well-being. It appears that the other factors are much more important in determining how happy you will be. Though, maybe you should wait and ask me how happy I am come January!

Sour Grapes

"It is easier to despise what you know you cannot possess." -Aesop


Hopeful Melancholy

What is hopeful melancholy? I think those two ideas are a little bit opposing in the way that reading and dancing are. Sometimes I mean it can be as simple as a turn of phrase. I think you can be optimistic about your future, but no matter what, time is still going by. There’s something both hopeful about the fact that you’re alive today and you will hopefully be alive tomorrow but also the melancholy is the idea of the things that are behind you are behind you.

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Kwabs - The Wilhelm Scream (James Blake Cover)

Always remember to label your axes.

Always remember to label your axes.

If I have learned anything…

If I have learned anything, it is how to convince myself that I understand something that I really do not.